[Rd.316 Denev – Terran Offensive! Or Neos Distraction?]

As both factions continue their developments of the new technology, it would appear that more nations are encountering a mighty alien command fleet named as Xejulus. A mammoth in itself, each one has taken significant effort on the parts of many nations to take down. Despite this, the Terran nation has been consistent in its

[Rd-76-SPICA-Neos going for Kill]

War Journal covering 71st -76th rounds of Interplanetary fights between Feds and Neos   In terms of number of wins the alliance of Neos are ahead of their opposition with the Feds securing only 2 victories and Neos with 3 wins. The domination by Team Neos continues even in the 76th round of the Raon region, the results

[Rd. 307] – The Chase!

Following on from close, costly battles between the Feds and the Neos, a hidden Federation science base came into operations showing an improved understanding of weapons and fleet technology. This employment was fruitful in deflecting the Neos assault in the Raon region. Most Recent Battle  Federation Of Terran : 13,451,217 Alliance Of Neos : 26,872,214