Rd 111 SPICA Feds in hunt for 3rd consecutive victory

War Reporting: Round 111-Nugen Region-Feds in hunt for 3rd consecutive victory   The Feds are leading the war round 111 in the battle for controlling the Nugen region. The last time the Neos controlled the Nugen region was in the 102nd round. The Neos are really desperate to win in this region but the Feds are leading

Rd 97 SPICA Superb comeback by The alliance of Neos

War Reporting: Round 97-Raon Region-Superb come back by The Alliance of Neos   After a devastating three successive loses the Neos have struck back with a big victory in the 96th round and a massive lead over the Feds for controlling the resources for Raon region in the 97th round. Even though the battle for 97th round is

War Reporting: Round 88-Raon Region-Neos poised for a major victory

  The Neos are poised for a big victory in the 88th round of interplanetary war for controlling Raon.  With 7 hours of war left the Federation of Terra contributing 58,38,543 points , The Alliance of Neos are way ahead with a difference of 32,03,136 or 22%. Can the feds make a fight back or will