There are 4 types of weapons, all with their own pros and cons. Below is a brief description of the different types, as well as end-game tips for some of the most devastating weapons!


Beams are weapons with low range (60-70) with low reloading rate (4).

Alien Technology Beams - Sensitive Beam

This weapon has one of the highest base damage in AstroNest but it comes with a drawback - the enemies' beam resistance is doubled when this weapon is used.



#1. Beams are considered to be the best weapon for Emergency Repair heroes due to its low reloading rate (Emergency Repair triggers upon weapon reloading)

#2. A Combat or Beam Master with the Piercing Fire skill equipped with Sensitive Beams are considered to be one of the best and strongest combinations you can have.


Missile weapons is a medium ranged weapon (70-85) with a moderate reloading rate (6-7).

Alien Technology - Perfect Missiles

Perfect Missiles have the highest accuracy in the game, but also comes with the lowest damage.



#1. Use Perfect Missiles to take out Destroyer fleets with high evasion. The fact that Destroyers take 40% extra damage versus Missiles makes up for the lack of base damage.

#2. Avoid using a Missile only fleet due to the fact that Motherships have a base resistance of 40 against Missiles.


Cannons are long range (100-110) weapons with a very high reloading rate (9-10). Because of its long range, always having at least one Combat Hero in your fleet with cannons is recommended.

Alien Technology Weapon - Piercing Cannon

The Piercing Cannon allows you to ignore 50% of the enemies' resistance.



#1. Piercing Cannon is considered to be maybe the best weapon at higher levels due to the fact that it ignores 50% of the enemies' resistance. Low accuracy and low firing rate may however cause problems.

#2. Cannons have a lower chance of hitting Destroyers (-60 accuracy) so avoid using a cannon only fleet in case you run into high evasion Destroyer fleets.

Fighter Weapons

Fighters are low range (30-40) weapons with a very low reloading rate (3-4) and high damage.

Alien Technology - Death Fighter

The Death Fighter has the highest damage in the game. It's drawback however is its range (20) and firing rate (7).



#1. Put Death Fighter on a Counter Attack hero to return fire even from max range(Counter Fire triggers from enemy attacks, so  the Death Fighters are released before their actual range)!

#2. Avoid using an all Fighter fleet due to its short range.