AstroNest is a war-simulation game based in outer space involving these gameplay elements:

Fleet management: research technology, upgrade your gear, equip the best weapons, choosing battle formations, and so forth.

Hero Skills: Each fleet requires a hero to lead it. Heroes have attributes that boost the attack, durability and size of the fleet, as well as abilities and skills that increase your chance of survival in battle.

Resource Management: You must develop a planetary system to produce resources. Use these resources to develop technologies, create, and repair fleets.

Battle Simulation: In AstroNest, you do not control specific actions in battle. Instead, you set up your fleet so they perform effectively against other fleets.

Player vs Player Combat: As an AstroNest commander, you will join one of two factions -- Terra or Neos. These two factions engage in galactic combat over precious resources.



...Is to rule the galaxy as the greatest fleet commander in the AstroNest universe. To accomplish this mission, you will need to research technology, colonize planets and work with your faction members to fight aliens and rival faction members.






AstroNest is a mobile game available for iOS and Android. To play AstroNest, you must first download the app from either the Google Play Store or iTunes. AstroNest also requires an internet connection at all times. So, make sure your phone has WiFi or data enabled. 

Open the app and you'll be prompted to sign in. We highly recommend you sign in with Facebook or Google Plus. If your data is lost but you are connected to Facebook or Google it can be recovered. 

Select a server. There are currently 5 Servers. Denev and Spica are the oldest. Orion, Gemini, and Sirius are new. Pick Orion, Gemini, and Sirius if you would like to play with mostly new people like yourself. Pick Denev and Spica if you would like lots of help!

Select your faction. Each side has different bonuses. You can choose one faction per server, and cannot change factions after selection.


Enter your nation name. You can always check your nation name and ID on the upper left hand corner of the game. This will be important if you participate in events on our Facebook events or if you have customer service issues. You can not change your name after you have chosen it!


By now you should have 1.) Downloaded the app, 2.) Synced your account, 3.) Chosen a server, 4.) Selected a faction, and 5.) Created a nation name.

Now you're ready to start! The game will now guide you with the tutorial. Pay close attention and make sure to ask questions in our Facebook User Community