War Reporting: Round 71st –Sectium Region The Neos are leading in the 71st round of war on the SPICA server for controlling the resource generation of the Sectium Region.The Neos pooled around 80,90,445 while Feds were lagging behind with 73,66,607. With over 5 hours remaining for the region’s war to end the question remains whether

[Rd. 302 – Terra Nation Delivers A Controlled Counterstrike!]

Reports have come in regarding frequent Neos successes. Technology being developed secretly in recent months was deployed for testing in the Sectium region,  working effectively to draw a high lead early on, and an overall lead of 4,109,050. Most Recent War Results Federation of Terra : 30,956,068 Alliance of Neos : 30,604,089 Differential : 351,979 Total

[Rd.300 – Denev] Pendulum Victories!

Both the Federation and the Alliance have fought tooth and nail in recent days. Neos have set up a beachhead for the invasion of the Raon, and managed to hold back the swathe of skilled fighters with a slender winning lead of 3,079,391. Most Recent War Alliance Of Neos – 32,541,121 Federation Of Terra –