Tron Part Dismantling

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Which of the options desscribed below would you favor most?

A - HyperTrons from Tron Scrap gained from dismantling Tron parts.
No votes
B - Merge Trons using Tron Scrap gained from dismantling Tron parts.
No votes
C- Gain LD Chips from dismantling Tron parts.
D- All Three (A, B, and C) and gaining both Tron Scrap and LD Chips from dismantling Tron Parts.
No votes
E - A and B sound great, but not the LD Chips part.
F- You are bonkers, mate! Leave dead Trons and Tron parts to rest in peace and in pieces!
No votes
G- Interesting ideas. Needs more work before it goes to the devs.
Total votes: 6

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Tron Part Dismantling

Post by jerry.myers » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:10 pm

1. Statement of Purpose:
Currently, deleting a tron part is a straight deletion. However, consider that LDs can be dismantled for LD chips. I believe that deleting a tron part should not be a total loss for the player. This proposal is based on the idea that something the player worked hard to aquire should not be merely discarded and destroyed.

2. Description of Proposed New Feature(s) or Change(s)

This proposal has a number of options, based on both player input and the opinions of the developers.

Here is the breakdown of those options, which are listed in the poll.

Per the Statement of Purpose above; Tron parts we dismantle should give us something, like tron 'Scrap' or even LD Chips.

If Tron Scrap is what we get, then I see two good possibilities.

A) Let us use Tron Scrap to build a new generation of HyperTrons in the HyperLab.
  • These would take top tier Tron Parts, Dark Matter, gold, metal, and days of time.
  • Only one building of a HyperTron at a time.
B) Let us use Tron Scrap to attempt to combine two trons into a new tron.
  • The two tron's bonus pairs would be shown next to one another.
  • Player selects one of each attribute pair to be passed along by the new tron.
  • New tron inherits the selected attributes, if attempt is successful.
  • Attempt destroys those original two trons.
  • Scrap + Time allocated = percentage chance of success.
     ▪ 30% to 95%, depending on what you choose to spend in scrap and time.
  • Attempt risks losing everything by a minimum of 5%.
  • Only one tron can be in process at a time per S-class planet.
  • Time allocated can be a day or over a week.
C) If you decide to give us LD Chips, then we know how to use those.

D) Lastly, I suggest doing all three of the things above.
  • Dismantle a Tron part and get 1-7 LD Chips, and 2-14 tron Scrap. Depending on level of the part.
  • Two uses for the Scrap.
    • Build HyperTrons as described in A above.
    • Combine Trons as described in B above
      including HyperTrons, with additional cost of Dark Matter, if trons are HyperTrons)
2b. Q&A about this new feature:
Question: How would the new feature look?
Answer: The new interface screens would look much like the existing interfaces. HyperTrons would look like trons but with next level awesomeness.

3. Feature Explanation:
No further explanation required. Will add more details if requested.

4. Visuals
New Tron art visuals may be required for HyperTrons.
New 'Tron Scrap' icon may be required.
New 'Tron Merging' interface may be required and added via existing Tron menu options.
New 'HyperTron construction' interface may be required and added to the Hyperlab interface options.

5. Feedback and Responses
(None yet...)

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Re: Tron Part Dismantling

Post by paul-yotein.astronest » Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:11 am

I genuinely want to see what people think about this. I suggest you post this thread on the official user community Facebook group and see if it gets some traction!
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Re: Tron Part Dismantling

Post by Trickzbunny » Wed Apr 05, 2017 4:51 pm

This sounds very similar to the Alternative that I posted about Seraphim's post:


Basically also about breaking down Tron parts into "TPP" (Tron part pieces) which one can then use to trade for currently unlocked tier tron parts at certain prices. etc. More detailed on my Forum post ;p

To compare, my TPP = your Tron chips. just that breaking trons is fixed to that, and doesnt connect with LD chips etc (but same thing basically)

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Re: Tron Part Dismantling

Post by jerry.myers » Tue Apr 11, 2017 9:45 am

Similar in that both our ideas involve breaking down tron parts, yes.

That does not make our suggestions and ideas the same.

You and Seraphim both took that basic idea in a different direction than I did.

You and Sera suggested making tron parts of higher levels with Tron Part Parts or 'TPP'. Cool.

I thought an alternative (or additional use) that extended the AN:tB's end-game potential was also worth considering. HyperTrons. We have hyperships, weapons, etc... why not get some advanced tech trons into play, too?

And I tossed in the possibility of adding a new avenue to get a few Skill Chips, which currently are not produced except by destruction. Conceptually it made sense that, as you dismantle trons and get parts, you dismantle those parts and get scrap... plus some of the Tron's AI and experiences/memory code that, when extracted, could serve as fragments of a lesson to teach a hero something about _____ ... from the Tron's programming and from time serving various heroes (i.e. 'chips' to 'make' or barter-for/purchase LDs).

I picture some shady tron scrap traders that are always looking to trade some hacked together LDs created from memory modules from a rival's fleet trons to other nations ... hehe

I chose the term 'Scrap' becuase it is not in use in the game anywhere else. We have parts and chips and such. No 'scrap'. That gives this proposed 'currency' it's own term and fits the concept of Trons pretty well.

I put a lot of thought into this: mechanics, game balance, economy, and game lore/living universe. :-)

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Re: Tron Part Dismantling

Post by mike.penkrot » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:47 pm

I really like this idea, and although I just posted a suggestion to convert the tron parts into a new tron part (like Training LDs), this is a great idea as well - and actually independent from what I suggested. If the devs are looking for a user thumbs up, you've got mine!

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Re: Tron Part Dismantling

Post by Infinium » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:46 am

TLDR; Scrap tron parts, take a gamble connecting 2 trons, if you win you get 2 primary stats and 2 secondary stats for A-S quality, 2 Primaries and 1 secondary D-B quality

I absolutely agree that something needs to be added to provide a use for obsolete tron parts, though don't forget that they are perfect for the "make a tron" daily mission when you don't have the right rares to make a tron you want.

A few caveats:
I think that your suggestions are a little bit OP, especially if you want more than one benefit from scrapping parts. Remember it takes either 5 or 10 skill LDs to buy a skill and LDs are a lot harder to get by simple grinding. It is extremely easy to pick up "junk" parts that you want to use purely for scrap, I'm not even quite level 100 yet (95) but I can pick nearly any level V tron dropping fleet, hit auto, come back 15-20 minute later and 30% have dropped parts on 22 or 23 attacks, say 6 or 7 to be conservative. This is ready for abuse, I don't want to second guess the devs but maybe that's why nothing drops when you scrap them?
End of caveats.

I think there are merits to all the ideas presented for obsolete tron parts, personally I like the concept of using scrap/TPPs to connect 2 trons in possibly the following way:

**all specific numbers are off the top of my head and easily changed**
*Once a connected tron(ConTron) is made it is locked so that it cannot then be connected again.
*A 24 hour research time with only 1 or 2 allowed at a time(otherwise it would be detrimental to those players without the luxury of an inventory full of rare planet items), possibly first slot at 20 and maybe a second at 70 or something.
*Only trons from the same stream (i.e. support/battle) can be joined, and only those of the same tech level i.e. IV+IV but not V+VI
*There would be a level of risk associated, lowish chance of success maybe 25%, if failed, chance you would receive 1 original back(determined randomly), both back or none, maybe 60%, 30%, 10% respectively, thus overall chances would be:
25% complete sucess
45% 1 original returned
22.5% both originals returned
7.5% you loose everything
*Any exters attached are destroyed and play no part

*The tech level of the trons would determine the cost which should be considerable, maybe 1 mill gold and 500k minerals per tech level(that's just random numbers atm)
*AP cost, again per tech level, maybe 10/level
*The base scrap point cost for connecting would be based on the highest quality tron in the pair with the tech level as a modifier i.e. D-B 10 scrap, A 15, S 20, and then multiply that by the tech level. For example you connect a tech level 4 A and S, the scrap cost would be 20x4=80
*When a part is scrapped you will receive a semi random amount of scrap; normal1-2, Adv. 2-3 Rare 3-4 but weighted towards the lower end, i.e. 70%/30%, the resultant number is then multiplied by the tech level for example you scrap a tech V rare core, luck is in your favour and you receive a base of 4 which means you receive 4x5(tech V)=20 scrap

The rationale behind these numbers is that to connect an S piece of the same tech level you are scrapping you would need to receive a base "roll" of 4 when scrapping rare items 5 times over to connect two trons, because lower level tron parts are so easy to aquire, so the cost needs to reflect this. Now onto the good stuff

--For this example I will be using the following 2 trons with costs based on the above numbers
(S) Quality Tech V- Lead 14,000, Skill 3, Gov 16
(A) Quality Tech V- Att 100, Abil 26, Gov 9
Gold cost 1 mill x 5 (tech V) = 5 mill
Minerals 500k x 5 = 2.5 mill
Scrap 20(S quality)x 5 (Tech V) = 100
Time 24 hours
So assuming we are in luck and they çombine I forsee the following :
*The base quality will be determined by standard algorithms and any resolving of stats will be based on that quality, the primary difference with the ConTrons will be an additional stat line
*The primary stats from both original trons will be retained on the new tron a 3rd stat line will be rolled and 1 EXTRA stat line will be added (the double primary stat + extra stat are the prize) for qualities D-C this means 3 total, for A-S a total of 4.
*To determine the secondary stats things could go 1 of 2 ways, either random stats selected and rolled again based on existing tron quality algorithms
*the secondaries are taken from the donor trons, in this case "skill", "abil", and "gov", the secondary stats could be pulled randomly from this pool and resolved based on quality or there could be a weighted system where if the quality is S and skill is present it is automatically included at the total appropriate for the tech level, if no "skill" or if not quality S then each stat gets a "ticket" in the pool for each time it appears, for example :
-We roll an A quality tron, the pool of stats would be "skill, abil, gov, gov"
At this stage our stats are:
Lead 14,000
Att 100
---A stat is drawn from the pool and rolled, 25% skill, 25% abil, 50% gov, gov is rolled at 36
---Once a stat is rolled from the pool it is removed so the new pool is "skill 33%, abil 33%, gov 33%", abil is rolled at 18
*Our final tron looks like this:
Lead 14,000
Att 100
Gov 36
Abil 18

I hope this all makes sense and I apologize if it seems I hijacked your thread but it was a great idea to connect trons and I sorta brain dumped for hours during the wee earlys when I couldn't sleep. Please don't think I stole your idea the credit's all yours I just wanted to flesh it out.


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