Nation Strat 101

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Nation Strat 101

Post by Uriah30 » Sun May 07, 2017 1:47 am

Yes, this 80% copy-paste from a post on the old forum. But Yotein said copy-paste is "ok", and a couple people seemed to have benefited. I made a few updates, also. Let it be known, this is a newbie-ish guide. When you hit 80+, some things will change, but I think this will get you to 80, and hopefully on to 100+!

So I played once, just charged in swinging, missing, and power leveling for the fun. Then I went back and started from the beginning again with a little more… sagacity. If anyone is out there just getting started and googling around for ideas, I wanted to throw some non-intuitive ideas to help get you a nice foothold. Or, if you just wanna fight WARS, heck go for it, that’s fun too.

1) Allies!
Every time you log on, check your list of allies, it needs to be 20. If it is less than 20, accept all the invitations sent to you, and look for people to invite. Then refresh and do it again. Check your allies, and (sorry guys) scrub those that have not been on in a couple weeks; they may have left or taken a hiatus, but are unlikely to return soon. Everyday, gift all your allies using some hero, it is basically a free level of experience for the hero (but costs no AP, and does not affect your Nation’s level). Likewise, your allies will do the same for you, sending you money/minerals, cosments, hero invites, maybe even crystals or planet discoveries. Do not go a day without them. Likewise, friend up on facebook as well.

2) Daily Mission/Reward
Again, every day you play, do this first. I made the mistake early on thinking I had to beat 5 NEW campaign missions; nope, just grind one you already beat a few times, and hopefully you’ll get a good item or tron parts. Earning those 10 crystals a day sets you up for making critical purchases for your nation. Also, save your Adv/Rare tron parts for tron day. Spend low tier or plain tron parts for the daily mission, and then scrap the tron if it is not good.

3) Heroes
Great information on heroes all through the forum, front page stuff. Do not under any circumstances go around using C or D rank. Get rid of your B-rank by level 15. But how do you get A or S-rank if the nominal hero invite is always C and D? Farm hero invites through either ally gifts, or challenging allies to skirmishes, or seasonal events. AN will also gift out hero invites.

Cool trick: if you ever have a choice between random 3xSkill LD caps and 3xAdv+ Hero Invites, choose the Hero Invites; whenever an A/S Hero pops up from invite, you get a free Skill LD, anyway!

10-second hero guide:

Heroes start with fixed total stat points, spread across ATK/DEF/GOV.
  • Fleet commanders should have very low GOV (thus ATK and DEF are high). Eyeball check the GOV stat < Hero level (works better after Hero level is 10+)
  • Planet ministers should have a very high GOV stat, and little as possible for the ATK or DEF. Eyeball check ATK+DEF < Hero level.

Skills you will likely eventually hate or never use by level 80 (break down the skill LD capsules to buy the better LD’s in the market):
  • Pre-empt; Amp; B/M/F/C coord (first version had Mag Jam and Elect Jam here)
Skills you will get a lot of use from:
  • Piercing (PiF); Exploding (EF); Spread (SF); Random (RF); Intercept (IM); Long Range Fighter (LRF) (note, there is a LRF reward at level 80); B/M/F/C def (especially C def); Def Shield (DS)
Controversial Skills :). Some love them, some hate them, some are thwarted by them!
  • Confusion (CFF); Counter (CF); Emergency Repair (ER); Precision; E jam and M jam; Rapid Fire (aside: yeah, ok, I like Rapid fire so what?, and I think I will keep liking it when I hit damage cap: 3 hits for cap damage vs pierce fire dam cap once? 3 chances to hit a squirrel is like poor man’s precision, I don’t care, it ain’t doing me wrong, yet)
    (Edit: Jam skills moved because higher level players do find them useful. Your call. )

    4) Skirmishes
    I used to think it was a total waste of time and AP, but it is not. You get a good item every time win or lose, and do not increase Nation experience. So, if you are say 10 exp away from getting another level and have a tank full of AP, skirmish is a good option to EFFECTIVELY use the AP that would otherwise be wasted. You can find Adv Hero Invites which can give you the team you need to actually fight well. You can also test a formation or tactic. Oh, and it makes farming hero invites easy for when your Daily Mission is spend two hero invites.

    5) Slow down the Nation power-leveling
    Try and keep heroes within 5 levels of your Nation. They cannot be higher than your Nation, and odds are your opponents of equal Nation level will have heroes higher level than yours if you are just power leveling your Nation. Basically you will be fighting the big boys before your heroes are ready. Nation and Heroes gain exp at the same rate, and need about the same for every level. So, between swapping commanders of fleets, planet inspections and buildings, your nation will likely outpace heroes. Use XP trons, and 2-hr XP booster often. Aliens are very XP dense and you only need kill one ship to receive experience, so if your planet ministers are getting left behind put some XP trons on a +XP hero day, open a XP capsule (and maybe pop a war shield :)) to catch them up.

    Skirmish, Gift to Allies, Recon, and Researching equipment do not add experience to your Nation, but do help you. Gifting to your allies and Recon increases your hero experience without affecting your Nation. Recon also receives a bonus from trons and 2hr booster.

    Buildings and Inspection provide Nation experience, and minimal hero experience (only the planet minister benefits instead of five fleet commanders). Try and focus building production on what you actually need (energy, COSMENTS). If you are not hurting for money and minerals, don’t build residence and mining. Target resource production at gold/hr = gold lost in battle/2; mineral/hr = 40% of gold. Enhancements provide Nation experience with NO hero experience. Don’t get me wrong, enhancements are CRITICAL, but just be effective. (Noted: level 100 players love Inspection because it is an easy grind for low-ish heroes).

    6) Levels 0 and 5
    Every 10, 15, 20, 25, etc level, the market has a HEAVILY discounted package for crystal purchase. Plan ahead before dropping 120 crystals for some cosments at level 29, then hit 30 and realize you could have got the cosments and a whole lot more for the same price. Y'all spoiled today, "back in my day" we had to make that crystal purchase within 24 hours! ... kage_Items

    7) Tech
    Get all the BASIC ships and weapon types early. Learn what they do before your opponents are pummeling you with tech you skipped. Specialize where you are going to be most effective. EVA is effective early, but will lose out to RES. RES is the only stat I know that is NOT diminishing returns.

    Cool trick: Do not research level 4 or 5 weapons, heck I skipped level 3 for the weapons I am currently using. You can skip straight to 2nd gen, so save those cosments for something important. And AN advertising the fact on FB means it is not a bug or even exploit, I guess?

    8) Planet Colonization
    Planets, like heroes, come in classes. Your goal is S-class level 50. Early on, you will end up with others, but build minimal facilities (always COSMENT plant) and replace them when possible. S-class planet discovery items are out there: check 5/10 level packages (crystal purchase), or the level 20/30/40/etc level rewards, and lastly the planet minister for crystal purchase. Colonizing is expensive, so wait for the cost reduction days, always Saturday after a Planet Discovery event on Wednesday (thanks, Woley!). And Planet Discovery event day (likely) has no impact on planet discovery ITEMS, only the action of spending 10 crystals for a random planet is affected (so *they* say).

    Planet colonization costs are based on how many planets you CURRENTLY OWN. Selling a planet gives you back half the cost of colonizing that planet (sale price assumes it was the last one colonized). So if you have a B and A-class planet and an open planet slot, and three S-class planet discovery items (you lucky dog), send those crummy planets on a cold dark ride across the universe before any new colonizing. I am sure the billions of trusting citizens perishing from hypoxia will admire your shrewd business practices.

    Obligatory note that while Paradise planets are oh so awesome, an S-class planet TWO LEVELS higher has better production. I think Woley even had math showing a level 50 (anything) better than level 49 Paradise.

    9) Battle Formation
    For the love, put your defense in front and attackers (DPS) in back.

    Final Note:
    Save your resources for daily bonus events: Trons, Hero Invite, and especially Planet Colonizing.

    If you are going to spend money, wait until you are getting top tier tron parts and have the (hard earned) wisdom to choose effective heroes.

    Yes, pacing yourself can feel a little boring. If you want, make an account on one server for pacing, and another account for bashing heads and smathing beetles (a reference probably forgotten by the time someone finds this post useful). And if you want to just pound on stuff, go for it, the game is still a lot of fun. Realize the game wants you to power level, and over-extend your Nation, hoping you choose to purchase crystals to recover.

    Anyway, here’s hoping something was found to be helpful. And if you are instead the player alternating between three 100 level accounts, and find these intro tips lacking, please add some of your own.

    [Edit to skills section]
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Re: Nation Strat 101

Post by Uriah30 » Sun May 07, 2017 2:34 am

I am totally remiss for failing to mention SXN. The mysterious number cruncher that is referenced ten times a day in every server.

Everything from alien spawns, earning titles for crystals, skills, even a breakdown of every campaign level.

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Re: Nation Strat 101

Post by EliSims » Wed May 10, 2017 11:26 pm

Thank you for posting this. Very helpful

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Re: Nation Strat 101

Post by MediaMan » Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:33 pm

Damn these acronyms are killing me.
9) Battle Formation
For the love, put your defense in front and attackers (DPS) in back.
DPS? Someone? what does this mean?

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Re: Nation Strat 101

Post by Infinium » Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:18 am

MediaMan wrote:
Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:33 pm
Damn these acronyms are killing me.
9) Battle Formation
For the love, put your defense in front and attackers (DPS) in back.
DPS? Someone? what does this mean?
DPS-damage per second(your hitters)

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